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As of December 31st, the Board of Directors consists of 11 members; each of them shall assume the of five for a term of three years:

No. Name Position Term to be
ended by
1 Dr. Pisit Leeahtam Chairman/Independent Director/
Chairman of the Audit Committee
2 Mr. Sumpan Vongphan Vice Chairman 28/4/2018
3 Mr. Upakrom Thaweephoke Director 21/4/2019
4 Mr. Charuvit Suanmalee Director 21/4/2017
5 Mr. Ouichai Siriwajana Director 21/4/2019
6 Mr. Amporntat Poolcharoen Director 28/4/2018
7 Ms. Sunan Santichotinan Director 21/4/2017
8 Mr. Tai Chong Yih Director 28/4/2018
9 Mr. Annop Tagajarin Director /Independent Director 21/4/2018
10 Mr. Teeravut Supaviriyakul Independent Director/ Audit Committee 21/4/2019
11 Mr. Singha Nikornpun Independent Director/ Audit Committee 28/4/2019

By Mrs. Chotika Meewongvanich, Secretary to the Board of Directors